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Original alignment: a path of exploration, observation,

inquiry and deep peace.



Recovering original alignment is a journey. With the help and the attentive presence of a person already on this path for a long time, one learns to observe with precision, to sharpen awareness, to refine sensations and to detect unconscious and deep tension , then learn to undo it.


Regaining balance is an exercise in deep attention in everyday life. It is possible and beneficial at any age.


Starting from the natural position of the pelvis, we patiently seek the right place for each joint.


An unexpected well-being and lightness follow. Energy circulates, breathing deepens and  we participate in life with greater presence.


The training asks for focus and perseverance. It is built on a rigorous technique, based on the movements of everyday life, reviewed and studied in order not to harm, but to improve the fuctioning of our organism as a whole.

debout d'aplomb
debout d'aplomb
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